*Increase Energy Levels

*Enhance your Immune system

*Lose Weight & Maintain it

*Sleep Better

* Improve Digestive Health

* Address Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

* Learn to treat food allergies/ intolerance

* Improve Overall Health and Well-Being


What does a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, RHNP do?

A Holistic Nutrition Practitioner focus’s on improving your health and disease prevention. By far one of them most important goals of a RHNP is to find The Root Cause of health concerns. You want to know WHY you have an imbalance, disorder or symptom. Let’s face it, the Western medical system is overloaded, and writing a prescription is the go-to method of “health”.  You want answers and you want to be in control of your own health and try to prevent further imbalances. Food is medicine and can help with sleep, digestive upset, parasite cleansing, liver detoxification, hormones health, skin, gut health, and stress.

We look at people as a whole, rather then focus on one specific piece of the puzzle.  We take an integrative approach and do not rely on the food guide. Our knowledge comes from in depth training at school, scientific research, and real-life consulting. I have learned anatomy, chemistry, biochemistry, chakras, mind body spirit, food energetics, sports nutrition, nutrition for all stages of life, mental health support and MORE. Not to mention yearly continuing education to stay on top of new science and research. 

My approach is looking at each person and their own biochemical individuality.  Everyone is different, and everyone needs their own plan of action. Using a variety of assessments we will address all your concerns and I will develop a plan just for you to make your goals reality.


Styku 3D Body Analysis

When you do a Styku body scan it will provide you information to help you better understand your body and what is going on inside of it!
Other Benefits include:
– 3D model of your body which is more accurate than photographs
– Measures body fat percentage, BMI, body volume, and BMR
– Assesses your waist to hip ratio to help determine certain health risks
– Measurements at more than 20 points all over your body
– Completely safe and non-invasive
– Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels
– Assesses posture
– Provides data that is transferable for various uses including physical therapy, tailor measurements, etc.
– Track your fat loss goals
– Monitor your changing body shape as you lose weight
– Track your fitness level
– The ultimate wellness tool

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Sarah Bezaire

Registered Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, RHNP
Registered Holistic Nutrition Counsellor, RHNC
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Plant Based Diet Certification
Stress & Anxiety Management Certification

Reiki Master

The journey to better health starts from the inside.
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Registered Nutritionist services are not covered by the OHIP system; however, many employers offer extended health care benefits. Be sure to check your provider to see if you have coverage for “Nutritional Counselling” OR for coverage under “Nutritionist”. Receipts are available for reimbursement.