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A Motivational fitness coach goes above and beyond just helping you exercise. Enhancing your whole lifestyle is the job of a fitness coach. This includes coaching you to improve your overall wellness including diet and happiness. Fitness coaching focuses on all your health goals, both physical and mental. It’s about improving the inside just as much as the outside. With this process, a fitness coach unlocks your inner motivation. When that happens, you will achieve lasting lifestyle changes.


A Motivational fitness coach is not a specialist for one type of training like cardio or strength. A fitness coach has many more tools to offer you. By talking to you about your goals and needs, your coach comes up with the right plan for you. Your coach doesn’t dictate. Instead your fitness coach will be the guide you need on a path of physical fitness and wellness.


If you’re wondering why you can’t stick to an exercise routine, then a Motivational fitness coach will figure out what is holding you back. You know that physical fitness is important. And the fitness coach will help you take action toward complete wellness. When you learn to focus on total wellbeing, exercising becomes much easier and even a pleasure.


As a former Personal Trainer for 6 years total, along with losing 78lbs on my own before that, I have studied, explored and applied many avenues of personal training through out the years.  
I have had my foot in the water with many different approaches to fitness such as bulking, cutting, and of course weight loss. With my Obstacle Course Racing (including Spartan Trifecta’s, Tough Mudder’s, Savage Races) and running races in which I have competed in 5km races to Half Marathon’s, training is a must and something I embark on yearly to this day.  

One thing I have noticed was that although personal trainers can provide awesome input in the gym and help make the most out of your workout when you have a session with them, a fitness coach reaches further.  Not only do fitness coaches provide the same services in the gym regarding your workout, they also help you achieve your fitness goals by encompassing the hours outside the gym and outside their sessions as well.  Fitness coaches build a personal relationship with you, work to reach goals surrounding all aspects of mental, physical, and social health, and provide support in order to reach those goals.

The difference between a fitness coach vs. personal trainer is also apparent in the job title.  A personal trainer provides training whereas fitness coaches provide coaching.  A fitness coach can help keep you accountable and moving forward in reaching health goals even in trying times like holidays!

Coaching clients to a higher level of fitness… 

A Motivational fitness coach combines a systematic coaching process and personal training (or fitness instruction) to empower clients to develop a fit lifestyle as well as the ability and self-confidence to maintain a fit lifestyle. A fit lifestyle includes a level of regular physical activity sufficient to:
increase physical, mental, and emotional energy
manage weight and stress
prevent or treat health risks and medical conditions
 improve self-image and self-esteem

Accountability at Your Finger Tips!

Life is busy and your time is valuable. Working with me online is a convenient way to reach your goals anywhere, anytime. Physical distance is no longer a barrier to reaching your goals when you have access to your custom program at your fingertips. I will do a thorough evaluation of your health history and design a plan to maximize your results.

What Can Sarah Do for You?

  • Talk to you about your current fitness situation and help you identify what your goals are and then how to reach them. 
  • Provide accountability to make sure you are sticking to your plan
  • Provide you with the support and motivation you need to get through the bumps in the road.
  • Design nutrition plans for athletes to meet goal/ track athletes progress and adjust plan accordingly
  • Directs all aspects of nutrition, fueling, and recovery with assigned sports, provide you with sport nutrition advice, along with pre and post workout meal suggestions.
  • And More!

If You are Ready to Kick it Up a Notch, Contact Sarah Today!

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