Hi my name is Karen and I was fortunate to have met Sarah this year during Covid. I wanted to learn what exactly she does and she explained a lot of things to me. What a great job she has. I was telling her my history about having high cholesterol and asked if she could help me lower it. We started in first week of September and I have been amazed. Not only did I loose the extra 17 pounds but I lowered my body fat. Sarah made it so easy. She helped me whenever I had questions and suggested food changes. I am so happy with the results and can’t wait till new year to do blood work again and find out my new cholesterol. Sarah you were amazing I am loving not having to buy new clothes.πŸ¦šπŸ’– my living diet is working. If you are sick and tired of being stuck let Sarah help you find a new way. She uses all natural ways and even incorporates her other new small business which is doTERRA. Look forward to reading your success story one day soon.

– Karen T, Windsor Ontario

“My name is Ranim, I am a female, 24 years old, I would like to briefly talk about my experience with my favourite coach Sarah!
Before I stared training with Sarah, I used to be lost, didn’t know how to train and didn’t know how to eat healthy, I was so frustrated because I tried to lose weight by myself for almost 7 months with no single result even in my fitness, I used to go the gym and head to the treadmill to run for an hour because I didn’t know what exercises to do. I stuck to one type of exercising throughout the 7 months I got bored and I ended up quitting because even my diet wasn’t something sustainable.

So after that I realized that I need to get help because I can’t do it by myself. I worked with Sarah for 3 months , and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. From the very first time I met her and talked to her I knew that she is really experienced and someone you can trust throughout your journey. I wasn’t scared about spending money because I knew I am not going to regret it, and that’s what happened, nutrition wise she provided me a nutrition plan with tips and ideas of how I can eat in a Day. She explained what’s considered healthy and what’s considered not healthy , also she provided me a sheet to track my food intake throughout the day for a week and gave it back to her. She would review it and tell me what should I continue doing and what should I stop doing to get the best results and that helped me a lot. I started noticing a huge difference in my health and energy after following her nutrition tips.

As far as exercising, she started with me from the basics and built me up to a very good level that I was always hoping for. Sarah taught me how to actually exercise in a way that I benefit my fitness and my body shape as well, so now I know how to use the machines and I know when to build, when to do cardio and when to do strength training. I lost pounds and my body fat percentage went down which was one of my goals and that was something I was never able to do by myself.

Overall having her as a coach for less than 3 months and knowing all of this information I think that’s something wonderful and worth the money and time.”

– Ranim M, Windsor Ontario

” Sarah bezaire has been my personal trainer since June of 2019. My personal goals as a 70 year old female, was to lose weight, tone and increase my strength. Sarah has educated me on proper nutrition, by giving me guidance and reviewed my food weekly, and I lost 14 pounds by nutrition alone. I have also lost significant inches in my waist, hips and thighs.

Her encouragement and challenges for my progression has gotten me into better health overall. She cares that I reach my goals and is mindful my capabilities and health limits. I’m very pleased with my results. Sarah is a conscientious Trainer. I would highly recommend her to help you with your goals.”

– Sharon M. Windsor, Ontario

“Sarah has been great and helped me instill a lifestyle change as opposed to a crash diet. Being vegetarian i’m limited in my protein options, Sarah has provide guidance and tips on ways to increase protein and find solutions and food that works for me and my body. When i get in a rut , she personally sends me new workout routines and ideas to keep me on track. If we don’t see results one week, she’ll ask me to keep a food diary or send her photos of the food I’ve been having to see if there are any small changes that can be made. The little things is what makes all the difference”.

– Nicole B. Windsor, Ontario

“Sarah has been a blessing in my life. After all my yo-yo dieting and trying to maintain my weight all I was doing to my body was depriving it of food and feeling tired and sluggish a majority of my day. I went to discuss this with Sarah , she’s very knowledgeable and a great listener, she gave me a non restrictive food plan, which is easy to follow and we also discussed healthy quick foods for when I’m on the go and don’t have time to be in the kitchen. I followed everything thing that we discussed and what she set out for me and thanks to her I have so much energy and I’m able to eat healthy throughout the day, I feel amazing.”

– Julie F. Windsor, Ontario