Had my 6 month visit with my endocrinologist regarding my type two diabetes and I was very nervous. Even though I know I’m going in the right direction with my life with the help and proper guidance from Sarah, I was still nervous.
We never met in person due to covid, so everything in the last 3 years has been over the phone and every time I had spoken to him all I could was disappointment. He came into the room and the first thing he said was “What the hell did you do?” And I froze! Thinking I was doing something wrong. He then said “From our last consultation over the phone, you were over 300lbs, your cholesterol was skyrocketed, your sugars were a 14.1 high, and your glucose levels were outrageous. What the hell did you do?”
My response was simple, I said “I changed.” Of course, his response was “how and what diet am I on” after I heard diet I was ready to tell him what I’ve been up to since January 16th,2023.
I flat out said ” A friend of mine is a Holistic Nutrition counsellor, and her name is Sarah Bezaire. I told her that I’m a type 2 diabetic and here’s the list of medications that I currently take. In a few days, I got this 14-page lengthy guideline on what I should of been doing opposed to what I was doing. I pushed myself to doing a cardio workout when I wake up before work for an hour and I do weight workout when I get home from work. I drink roughly 15 cups of water a day, I take the vitamins and minerals that she told me to take.”
The doctor chuckled and said ” I never believed in Holistic coaching, and I thought it was a gimmick. But make sure you tell Sarah that I tip my hat to her because of her and your drive, your levels have surpassed my expectations. Most people that come in for a check up roughly looses around .6% of their levels. You’ve had me confused because you came in here with your blood work done for me and you’re at a 4%. People half your age don’t achieve what you have done thus far. Whatever she says, you do it because you’re on the right path and you’ve never had stats like these. In about 6 months you will have to see me again, if you keep this up, I could potentially take you off your medications and I’m sure you would excited to know that there’s a pretty good chance you will reverse your diabetes”
Best news I have heard, I’m ecstatic. Put me in a holy ** great mood and boosts my confidence to succeed to what I am trying to achieve. Down 22.6 lbs and weighing in at 261lbs. I’m 41 years old and nothing is stopping me now.

“Sarah has been a blessing in my life. After all my yo-yo dieting and trying to maintain my weight all I was doing to my body was depriving it of food and feeling tired and sluggish a majority of my day. I went to discuss this with Sarah , she’s very knowledgeable and a great listener, she gave me a non restrictive food plan, which is easy to follow and we also discussed healthy quick foods for when I’m on the go and don’t have time to be in the kitchen. I followed everything thing that we discussed and what she set out for me and thanks to her I have so much energy and I’m able to eat healthy throughout the day, I feel amazing.”

– Julie F. Windsor, Ontario

“Sarah has been great and helped me instill a lifestyle change as opposed to a crash diet. Being vegetarian i’m limited in my protein options, Sarah has provide guidance and tips on ways to increase protein and find solutions and food that works for me and my body. When i get in a rut , she personally sends me new workout routines and ideas to keep me on track. If we don’t see results one week, she’ll ask me to keep a food diary or send her photos of the food I’ve been having to see if there are any small changes that can be made. The little things is what makes all the difference”.

– Nicole B. Windsor, Ontario

” Sarah Bezaire has been my personal trainer since June of 2019. My personal goals as a 70 year old female, was to lose weight, tone and increase my strength. Sarah has educated me on proper nutrition, by giving me guidance and reviewed my food weekly, and I lost 14 pounds by nutrition alone. I have also lost significant inches in my waist, hips and thighs. Her encouragement and challenges for my progression has gotten me into better health overall. She cares that I reach my goals and is mindful my capabilities and health limits. I’m very pleased with my results. Sarah is a conscientious Trainer. I would highly recommend her to help you with your goals.”

– Sharon M. Windsor, Ontario

So after that I realized that I need to get help because I can’t do it by myself. I worked with Sarah for 3 months , and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. From the very first time I met her and talked to her I knew that she is really experienced and someone you can trust throughout your journey. I wasn’t scared about spending money because I knew I am not going to regret it, and that’s what happened, nutrition wise she provided me a nutrition plan with tips and ideas of how I can eat in a Day. She explained what’s considered healthy and what’s considered not healthy , also she provided me a sheet to track my food intake throughout the day for a week and gave it back to her. She would review it and tell me what should I continue doing and what should I stop doing to get the best results and that helped me a lot. I started noticing a huge difference in my health and energy after following her nutrition tips.

As far as exercising, she started with me from the basics and built me up to a very good level that I was always hoping for. Sarah taught me how to actually exercise in a way that I benefit my fitness and my body shape as well, so now I know how to use the machines and I know when to build, when to do cardio and when to do strength training. I lost pounds and my body fat percentage went down which was one of my goals and that was something I was never able to do by myself. Overall having her as a coach for less than 3 months and knowing all of this information I think that’s something wonderful and worth the money and time.”

– Ranim M, Windsor Ontario

Hi my name is Karen and I was fortunate to have met Sarah this year during Covid. I wanted to learn what exactly she does and she explained a lot of things to me. What a great job she has. I was telling her my history about having high cholesterol and asked if she could help me lower it. We started in first week of September and I have been amazed. Not only did I loose the extra 17 pounds but I lowered my body fat. Sarah made it so easy. She helped me whenever I had questions and suggested food changes. I am so happy with the results and can’t wait till new year to do blood work again and find out my new cholesterol. Sarah you were amazing I am loving not having to buy new clothes.🦚💖 my living diet is working. If you are sick and tired of being stuck let Sarah help you find a new way. She uses all natural ways and even incorporates her other new small business which is doTERRA. Look forward to reading your success story one day soon.

– Karen T, Windsor Ontario

Sarah has been a tremendous source of support for me and has gone above and beyond to help me change my eating habits. With a fresh diagnosis, I felt overwhelmed with information online, from doctors and others with similar health issues. Sarah was diligent in seeking information to guide me in making the best food choices to move to a plan that minimizes my symptoms and helps me be as healthy as I could be given my diagnosis. She is very knowledgeable and did a significant amount of research due to my symptoms and diagnosis that made my case somewhat unique. She was patient as I adjusted and always encouraging, even when I wasn’t ready to take some of the needed steps. She made suggestions to revise my existing training regiment and continued to provide feedback on my eating. She adapted to my lifestyle and didn’t require or demand a full transformation from the beginning but was helpful in offering baby steps. I have made significant changes to my eating habits and I know they are lasting. She is the supportive friend that will stand beside you while guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle. I would highly recommend a partnership with her.

– M.H. , Windsor Ontario

After struggling with my eating habits, I asked Sarah for help. I look and feel better, and have more energy. Best of all my cardio has improved and overall strength. Thanks to her I’ve probably added a few years to my life as mid-section weight is the most unhealthy for men.
-J.B. Windsor, Ont

It was a pleasure working with you as well and having a fresh pair of eyes look closely at my nutritional needs.  Your approach to health deals with the whole person and not just one aspect.  Your analysis gave me better insight into what is going on and what I need to do about it.  Achieving my goal weight before our last session was only a small part of the goals and promises I have made to-and-for myself.  I am so close to the weight goal before the conclusion of our sessions that I consider it a success anyway.  It’s really only a number and my mind’s-eye still envisions a more fit version of myself even though I always thought I was overweight, the vision of myself is at least 40 pounds lighter than the actual physical self for the time being.
I have a lifetime to keep moving forward.  A lifetime of learning about myself, accepting myself as I become one of the privileged who reach the winter of life’s cycle.  I appreciate all that you have done to help me along this journey and look forward to seeing your career reach new heights in the coming years.
– Nancy T. Windsor, Ont.

For starters, I needed to change and that’s final. My problem is I’m lazy and I work ridiculous long hours. I had mentioned to Sarah that I need to lose weight and also for that to accommodate for the fact I am also a type 2 diabetic.

She wrote me out a lengthy guideline that I would have to follow day in and day out. I cut out the stuff I know I had to, but I could still enjoy food at the same time.

My starting weight was 284lbs on day one with a 46 waist and a XXXL shirt. Not even a month in I was surprised and still losing weight. I am Down 16lbs total, which puts me at 268lbs and also at a 40 waist and a XXL shirt. I could wear the XXXL ..it just looks funny so I don’t.

Overall, I’m very happy to take that step forward and extremely lucky to have someone such as Sarah to help me step through this new direction that I look forward to now.
– M.L. Windsor, Ont.

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